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Archives » March 2008

New RFID Law Doesn’t Protect Consumers’ Privacy

Published 6 years ago
As RFID (radio frequency ID) tags are included in more and more consumer goods - sometimes without the owner's knowledge or consent - some states are taking steps to curtail the privacy invasion.

Newspaper Online Advertising Spending Jumps 19%, Print Ads Down 9%

Published 6 years ago
Advertising expenditures for newspaper websites in 2007 increased 18.8 percent, to $3.2 billion - accounting for 7.5 percent of all newspaper ad spending last year (up from 5.7 percent in 2006), according to preliminary estimates from the Newspaper Association of America, MarketingCharts writes.

Key Fobs No More: Loyalty Data Lands on Major Credit Cards

Published 6 years ago
Consumers' wallets may soon slim down as result of new 'single swipe' technology.

Yahoo Thinks 25-54 Women Good Demo to Explore

Published 6 years ago
Yahoo has launched the new property Shine, a site targeted at women 25-54 and underserved by Yahoo's current properties.

Still No Date for Clear Channel Deal Closing

Published 6 years ago
Clear Channel still has no firm date to close its deal to go private - and cannot, in fact, confirm that the deal will go through at all.

ABC Goes for Pilots, Series and Presentations

Published 6 years ago
ABC recently got busy requesting pilots, presentations and series.

Economist Takes #1 Spot in AdWeek’s Hot List

Published 6 years ago
The Economist grabbed its first-ever number one spot on AdWeekMedia's annual Hot List, up from a number ten showing last year.

Sony Movies Arrive on AT&T Mobile Phones

Published 6 years ago
Sony is seeking consumers willing to watch a feature-length film on a two-inch screen by launching the first mobile phone movie network in the U.S.

GM, Toyota Vie for Top Online Advertiser Spot among Auto Manufacturers

Published 6 years ago
GM delivered 27 percent more online display ads than Toyota in January, but Toyota delivered 32 percent more ads per person reached, according to the first public release of advertiser-level data from comScore's Ad Metrix service, in this case for online advertising by auto manufacturers, reports MarketingCharts.

A Bright Spot in Radio Gloom, Network Radio Heats Up

Published 6 years ago
Network radio is "sort of a hot new medium," according to Maja Mijatovic, director of national radio, Horizon Media. The medium was up 4 percent in 2007 to $1.15 billion, compared to the rest of radio, which was down 3 percent to $18.5 billion.