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Direct: CEOs Want More “P&L” from Marketers | Radio: Pandora IPO

Published on June 15, 2011


  • 73% of CEOs think marketers lack the P&L mentality and business credibility and are not the business-growth generators they should be, according to a 2011 global marketing effectiveness study from The Fournaise Marketing Group. Marketers are not able to demonstrate how the cross-channel marketing strategies and campaigns they deploy, in the end, build customer demand, more sales, more prospects, more conversions or more market share. 

  • Cablevision has rolled out a tool allows marketers to tag their TV ads with email opt-ins. The Optimum Select RFI with email fulfillment lets consumers sign up to receive emailed product information, coupons, e-brochures and other offers through a TV ad. To opt in, customers of Cablevision's iO TV service who are viewing an ad with a call-to-action can click a prompt to receive more information. The consumer's Cablevision email address is the default account, but consumers can edit the address to receive the message through another account, reports Direct Marketing News.


  • Pandora Media shares soared as much as 48 percent in the online radio company's stock market debut. The company is trading at 24 times its 2010 sales, far above the value placed on Google, Amazon and Sirius XM, Reuters reports. With 90 million registered users in the United States, Pandora makes money mainly from advertising and it has to pay significant royalties for music, and its operating costs are higher than revenue.

  • Radio listening and out-of-home TV viewing increased ESPN’s reach by 15.5 million persons, or 23%, over in-home TV viewing. The increase in time spent with the content was even greater, a lift of 9.1 billion minutes, or 40%, over the average in-home TV audience, according to Arbitron. ESPN worked with Arbitron in November 2010 to measure consumption of ESPN Radio affiliates and football content on ESPN TV networks, both in home and out of home.