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Google AdWords Enhances Lost Impression Metrics, Greater Detailing Causes

Published on January 18, 2012

Google on its Inside AdWords blog has announced enhancements to AdWords metrics. The metrics surround impression share, a measure of the value of AdWords service.

Google has introduced the changes in response to advertiser requests. The aim is to give advertisers a better understanding of what return on investment (ROI) they are gaining, as well as what impressions they are losing, and why. For example, an advertiser may be at or near budget, and so loses impressions until the budget is restored. An ad may have a lesser ad rank and and position because of poorly chosen keywords, and loses more impressions.

Over the next few weeks, Google will add three new columns to its ad groups tab to quantify those lost impressions, which include:
1. Impr. Share, the percentage of impressions received/estimated number advertiser is eligible to receive
2. Lost IS (Rank), being the share of impressions lost due to the advertiser’s Ad Rank
3. Exact Match IS (Search Network only), the percentage of impressions an advertiser received based on exact keyword matches, versus those the advertiser was eligible to receive.

On top of those metrics, Google will update its algorithms to provide more detailed impression-share metrics, and before January 30th. It will provide refined campaign-level statistics retroactively, dating back to May 2011. And, it will provide once-a-day updates, at noon PST. Google is advising advertisers to download an impression share data report before January 30, for advertisers who wish to maintain a snapshot of existing reports to compare to the new more-detailed reports.