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Nevada GOP to Bypass AP and Release Caucus Results on Twitter, Google

Published on January 30, 2012

The Nevada Republican Party will release real-time caucus results on February 4 via Google and  Twitter, reports The Poynter Institute. The Iowa Republican Party also worked with Google earlier this month for its caucus, and Google released the rolling counts—the way the Associated Press (AP) usually does. Google will release the results on a Google Map on the Nevada Republican Party’s website.

Starting at 8pm EST, the Nevada GOP will also tweet statewide totals from @nvgop, and will release precinct-level results that developers can access via the Twitter API.

As Poynter describes, the AP has “prided itself” on being the source for immediate polling results in every state and national election, but this is the second instance in a month that “a new publishing platform is upending the old order.”

That said, the AP is more practiced, and there is something to be said for less immediate results. In Iowa, news outlets using Google results versus AP’s were slightly ahead in reporting the results and declared Mitt Romney the winner; but AP held off releasing results until it was certain every precinct had been counted in the tight race. Rick Santorum took the race in a recount.

AP spokesman Paul Colford said the organization welcomes Google and Twitter to the political-reporting arena, but welcomed them guardedly. Colford wrote, “AP has assured its members and subscribers that we will strive to exercise the quality control with the Nevada numbers that is the hallmark of our election services and work with the GOP and Twitter to help ensure the accuracy of the results as we report them.”