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Upfront TV: Buchanan Gets Boot | NBC Dominates Sweeps | All-Star “Treasure Island”

Published on February 17, 2012
  • NBC is dominating the February sweeps, reports Media Life. Two weeks into the sweeps (used to set rates for local advertisers), NBC is in the lead among broadcast networks, followed by CBS. The two networks have aired the highest-rated shows during this sweeps period, which were the Super Bowl on NBC and the Grammy Awards on CBS. NBC is averaging a 5.7 adults 18-49 rating according to Nielsen data; CBS a 3.2, Fox in third with a 2.2, and ABC fourth at 1.9. NBC’s Super Bowl broadcast averaged a 40.5 rating, and its postgame episode of "The Voice" took a 16.3, the best average for an entertainment program in six years.
  • MSNBC has given the boot to 10-year political analyst (and here-and-there GOP presidential hopeful) Pat Buchanan, reports TV Newser. MSNBC made the announcement yesterday evening, and Buchanan elaborated in a column on The American Conservative website that he has been “Blacklisted, But Not Beaten,” blaming complainers for intimidating the network. Buchanan has been absent from MSNBC since October when he took time off to promote his book “Suicide of a Super Power.”
  • Syfy Channel will air an all-star miniseries adaptation of Treasure Island in May. The cast includes Elijah Wood of “Lord of the Rings” as Ben Gunn, Eddie Izzard of “Oceans 12” and “Oceans 13” as Long John silver, and veteran actor Donald Sutherland as Flint. The producer is Laurie Borg of “Sense and Sensibility,” and the director, Steve Barron of such successful Syfy properties as “Merlin” and “Arabian Nights.” Syfy has scored big with its off-kilter adaptations of The Wizard of Oz (“Tin Man”) and Through the Looking Glass (“Alice”).
  • Kal Penn (of the “Howard and Kumar” movies, “House” and “How I Met Your Mother”) has signed on to “Prairie Dogs,” a comedy pilot being developed for ABC. As TV|Line describes, the pilot is being written by “That ‘70s Show” alumni Jackie and Jeff Filgo. The show follows Penn as Neil, a cubicle worker who is the victim of identity, and befriends the thief who had more fun with Neils identity than he does.
  • Oxygen announces two new titles to its women-oriented pipeline. The network said in a release that “Thrift Wars” and “Teen Weddings” “reflect the interests and tastes of today’s young modern woman.” “Teen Weddings” is just what it sounds like, but will be a more serious take than, for example, WE’s “Bridezillas.” “Thrift Wars” features competitive thrift shopping. Oxygen, which also airs “America’s Next Top Model,” “Hair Battle Spectacular” and “Tori & Dean,” claims a viewership of 72% women; median age 47.7, 28% of which is 18-34; and a median household income of $50,400.
  • The CW is updating the 80’s cult TV hit “Beauty and The Beast,” staring “Smallville” veteran Kristin Kreuk, reports Deadline Hollywood. This time, Beauty is a homicide detective, whereas in the ‘80s version she was an assistant district attorney. This project has signed on as a co-executive producer Ron Koslow, creator of the original series, and its producers Paul Junger Witt and C. Anthony Thomas.