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Upfront Digital: Social TV Dashboard | Apple’s Free DigiMag Renewal | Facebook Faces Antitrust Suit

Published on March 20, 2012
  • Social TV content and data solutions provider SocialGuide has launched SocialGuide Intelligence, an analytics engagement platform that tracks Twitter for networks, reports MediaBistro. SGI’s charter client for the service is A&E Networks, which will utilize the service for A&E, HISTORY, Lifetime, BIO and its other networks. The service enables networks to see how many tweets roll in about a show, and get “social snapshot” of an audience. As the company describes its solution, SGI delivers daily, weekly and monthly social TV reports across 215 broadcast and cable channels in a dashboard view (see graphic), and “[measures] the social activity for every program type and every program air.  Also, SGI is the only social TV analytics product in the marketplace that can be used to identify and engage with key comments and the social influencers of every network and program.”

  • Apple announced yesterday that it had sold 3 million new iPads since releasing the newest iteration on Friday, reports Mashable. Forbes reported that as of Monday evening, the new iPad took of 4.6% of all iPad traffic in the U.S., citing data from Chitika. That sounds considerable, but Managing Director Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research reminded Forbes that Apple released the iPad simultaneously in 10 countries, versus the usual three or four. “Three million units sold, or 4.6% of iPad traffic…would be good if the release had been limited to three countries,” said Chowdhry, “Not ten.” He estimates that ideally, the new iPad should have taken 12% to 15% of all iPad traffic.
  • Elsewherein iPad news, Adweek reports that Apple is offering trials to publishers of auto-renewing subscriptions. This signals that the usually inflexible Apple is “paying close attention to the Barnes & Noble Nook and Amazon Kindle, which already have the feature,” says Adweek. In the auto-renew model, customers who sign for a free trial are automatically charged at the end of the trial, unless they take action to turn off the auto-renew.  unless they turn off the auto-renew option. Bonnier Senior VP Gregg Hano (who helms “Popular Science” and other titles” told Adweek said Bonnier will try the feature: “The downside risk is very small, and the upside is high.” 
  • Time Warner Cable (TWC) has added 26 live local broadcast channels in New York City to its TWC TV apps for iPhones, iPads and the website, reports Multichannel News. This may be a direct response to Aereo, the broadcast-to-digital startup that offers much the same service for $12 per month. TWC's New York customers may now stream WCBS, WNBC, NBC NY Nonstop, WNYW (Fox), WABC, and numerous other broadcast channels.
  • A small developer of social media and online applications has filed suit against Facebook, alleging antitrust and anticompetitive behavior. Kotchen & Low LLP has filed a lawsuit on behalf of its client Sambreel Holdings LLC against Facebook for alleged violations of the Sherman Antitrust Act, and California state laws prohibiting unfair competition and interference with contract. Sambreel seeks an injunction preventing Facebook from requiring Sambreel's advertising partners to boycott Sambreel and to prevent Facebook from "gating" – i.e., scanning its own users’ computers without their consent to learn who downloaded a Sambreel application then forcing those individuals to uninstall Sambreel's applications before they are allowed access to their Facebook accounts.