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Published on March 20, 2012

Forbes Media and comScore, Inc. have announced an agreement to implement viewable impression measurement across all display ad campaigns appearing on as part of its validated Brand Increase Guarantee (vBIG) program. This offering from Forbes leverages the comScore validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) service to validate that the ad impressions delivered as part of an advertiser’s vBIG program are in-view, such that that advertisers will be charged only for ads that have delivered the desired advertising effect.

This program is consistent with the principles addressed as part of “Making Measurement Make Sense” (3MS), an industry-wide initiative led by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s). The initiative calls for a set of standards across the industry and the need for a true measure of ‘viewable impressions’.

“Forbes is thrilled to be the first-to-market premium publisher using comScore vCE to guarantee viewable impressions to our advertisers as part of our vBIG program,” said Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes Media. “We see this as a game-changer for Forbes and a significant first step for the industry toward improved accountability for – and ultimately monetization of – digital ad inventory.” Rogers observes that for too long online, ad pricing has involved “significant guesswork, because while we knew that not all ads were delivered in-view, we weren’t always sure which ones.”

As EVP Erin Hunter of comScore describes the dilemma facing publishers and advertisers, they need analytics on the performance of every single ad, equally, to know its return on investment. “Premium publishers that offer highly engaging content often do not get the credit they deserve for below-the-fold placements on their web page, which may actually deliver results that are every bit as strong as the above-the-fold placements.”

As comScore describes the vCE service, “comScore vCE is helping premium publishers like Forbes clearly illustrate the value of their inventory and prove to advertisers why placements throughout their site have the ability to deliver the desired effect on audiences. The result is greater transparency and accountability on both sides of the media equation, representing a win-win scenario for both advertisers and publishers.”