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Google Unveils “Better Way to Display” With Keyword Targeting

Published on March 23, 2012

Google in its Agency Blog claims to have upgraded its contextual engine, which  matches display ads to pages based on keywords, which is “at the heart of display buying through AdWords.”

Calling it the “biggest enhancement ever,” users now have the ability to combine the reach of display with the precision of search using Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting. Users can fine-tune contextual campaigns down to individual keyword level, making it “easier for you to extend search campaigns to display and more efficient to run the two types of campaigns together.”

Google gives this example: A travel agency might run numerous display ads for Caribbean islands. Keyword-level transparency might reveal that “Turks and Caicos vacations” is four times more profitable than the keyword “caribbean vacations.” The agency can optimize campaigns to more aggressively target the high performing keywords and be more conservative on “caribbean vacations”.

Giving a Visual Edge
“Sometimes pictures communicate better than words (or numbers),” says Google. So, along with a new Display Network Tab and contextual engine, the company has introducing a way to visualize the reach of campaigns, to see how that reach is impacted by combining multiple targeting types such as keywords, placements, topics, interests or remarketing (see graphic). Google will roll out its new Display Network Tab to all advertisers in the upcoming coming weeks.