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Make Sense of Promoted Tweets

Published on March 26, 2012

Like rival social media giant Facebook, Twitter is improving its ad platform, says eConsultancy, including rolling out its Promoted Tweets to mobile. Twitter made that announcement last Wednesday. 

With the mobile option, says Twitter, “Brands can target their campaigns specifically to desktop computers and laptops, iOS, Android, and other mobile devices. Or, the default setting simply targets campaigns to users across all devices.”

The advantage? Mobile device targeting reaches particular types of mobile users, for example, mobile game and app sellers can now pinpoint users who are likely to purchase their products.

“Given that 55% of the more than 100 million users who log in to Twitter every month do so at least once via mobile, this expanded roll out of Promoted Tweets in mobile is a great opportunity for brands to connect with more users, more of the time,” says Twitter on its blog.

eConsultancy provided this explanatory infographic, from social ad platform Alchemy Social.