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2012 Olympics Overview: Half Will View Online, And They’ll Watch All Day

Published on April 04, 2012

With this summer’s Olympic games, “digital technologies will break their own records for viewing,” reports Adweek. “With the emergence of high-def video and mobile apps giving people more ways than ever to watch the games, the number of viewers in the U.S. is likely to top the 211 million” who watched the 2008 Beijing games online, said Adweek citing Nielsen data.
Interclick from Yahoo joined forces with KN Dimestore to survey Americans about how they plan to watch the games this summer, which events they are most looking forward to, and what they plan to do online related to the games.

Interclick and KN Dimestore found that half of respondents say they will use the Internet to watch live events. “The speed and clarity that broadband delivers across mobile devices, tablets and computers now rivals television. That’s helped video grow and improve at dizzying rates. The 2012 Olympics offer marketers unprecedented opportunities to execute brand strategies across the Games.”

While 50% will watch live online, 46% will watch highlights, and 36% will read follow-ups and recaps.

Gymnastics will garner the highest viewership, with 32% of women surveyed and 12% of men; followed by swimming and diving, with 22% of women and 10% of men; though track and field will take a stronger male viewership, at 20% of those surveyed.

And nearly 1/3 of both men and women will follow the events equally throughout the day, versus watching just primetime—presumably across multiple devices at home and at work.