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Nielsen: Cable Matured, Matched Broadcast Ad Spend in 2012

Published on May 08, 2012

Ad spending on cable is now “on par” with that allocated to broadcast TV reports AdAge, citing Nielsen data.
In 2011, ad spending on English-language cable-TV nets totaled about $21 billion, compared to ad spending on English-language broadcast nets at $21.1 billion.

U.S. TV ad spending was up 4.5% in 2011, according to the third and final part of Nielsen’s Advertising & Audiences Report. Nielsen observes that “American advertisers and consumers have a huge appetite for television,” and the TV ad spend reached $72 billion, more than all other ad platforms combined.

By these figures, 2011 marked the first time that cable has “achieved parity of a sort with its longtime rival,” as AdAge describes. Spending on cable TV has increased fully 42% since 2007.

Syndicated TV, surprisingly, is a bit down, from $2.6 billion in 2007 to $2.4 billion in 2011. But the numbers are likely to improve: syndication has yet to enjoy a full year of the “Big Bang Theory.”

AdAge speculates that the cable medium has simply matured: With dozens of channels of original programming (it took dozens of them to catch up to the Big 4), plus decently rated niche programming (think “Hoarders” and “Storage Wars”) with lower ad costs, cable represents a compelling value proposition for advertisers.