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Your Logo As A Stamp: Postal Service Launches Custom Indicia

Published on May 31, 2012


In response to customer requests (and after nearly a year of beta testing), the U.S. Postal Service has launched of the Picture Permit Imprint Indicia program for commercial mailers. USPS claims the program provides new advertising opportunities for commercial mail customers by allowing them to use corporate logos, product visuals or other brand images in the permit indicia space on their mail.

The Picture Permit Imprint Indicia program is open to commercial mailers of presorted First-Class Mail letters and cards or Standard Mail letters. The premium for First-Class Mail letters and cards will be 1 cent per piece, and for Standard Mail letters, 2 cents per piece.

The program has been in a beta test for nearly a year, with Chrysler as one of its early adopters. It used a Picture Perfect indicia on direct mailers for its Jeep® 70th Anniversary campaign in May 2011.

"Dozens of our largest customers looking to increase brand awareness and increase the effectiveness of their mail have asked us to allow more creativity in the design of their permit indicia," said Gary Reblin, vice president, Domestic Products. "Permit indicia enhanced with logos, photos or other brand images increase the visual impact of the mailpiece as well as its open rate and value."

The Picture Permit Imprint Indicia program launches officially June 24. According to Reblin, however, "Due to the expected popularity of the program, we are launching the website now and encouraging customers to get started,” in a four-step permit process.