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Agency Survey Shows Buyers’ Interest in Radio

Published on January 24, 2011
A survey of advertising agency buying teams finds fewer are cutting radio budgets, and client interest in the medium is growing. The STRATA results show 16% of clients rate radio as their top pick, compared to 9% who said that in the prior quarter's survey. STRATA marketing chief J.D. Miller, "Something good is happening for radio." The firm's quarterly survey of buyers found 24% of agencies' clients are more focused on radio, up from 17% in the prior quarter. The number of agencies reporting they are spending less on radio is off by half – 17% say they're trimming radio budgets compared to 34% who said that three months ago. When it came to classifying the advertising avenue that agency clients are most focused on, the STRATA survey found TV remains at the top with 44%, followed by digital at 21%.